In digital mode is offered to customer the currency choice  he prefers to pay in
Amount to pay is shown on tablet  in two currencies value together with exchange rate
-Local currency where transaction takes place
-Foreign currency  (credit card country of issue value)

Module interfaced with own PMS allows customer to pay in digital format choosing his preferred  currency.      Download   


If payment is made by credit card, system automatically detects if card is different than the one where transaction takes place. Amount to be billed , together with exchange rate will be shown in two different currencies  on tablet.
Customer, by flagging the corresponding box, selects currency and signs as acceptance the proposed exchange rate.
If credit card does not show different currency , system will pass to next screen.


After credid card transaction , operator will issue the invoice with his own PMS.
Invoice with POS receipt in digital format  will be displayed on tablet.
Customer will sign directly on tablet.


A copy containing all credit card transaction data duly signed will be printed and handed over to customer.
If payment is made in different currency , all data reported in the Currency Choice operation receipt will be shown.