Security & Safety

The programme creates a report, indispensable to any rescue team upon emergency situations, (terrorist attack, fire, hearthquake, ecc.) supplying information of persons currently present in the premises.This report will contain a list of customers accommodated and  next to the name the photo will be shown.

The programme generates a report containing a list of customers currently accomodated and next to the name the identity   photo captured during document scanning upon check-in process
This report will be essential during all those emergency situations during  which rescue teams promptly require tracing people (terrorist attack, fire, hearthquake, epidemics etc)
This report extract will be available only to the authorized users with specific access credentials
The report will show in order customer's nationality and following info : surname, name, e-mail address, arrival date, departure date and room number.
The total number of allocated persons will be displayed and divided by nationality.