The Programme, just by I.D. scanning, enables security operators registration of outsourced staff and print of an access badge on a removable sticker which will show name, surname and photo.
This procedure allows to trace persons within the premises in real-time even upon emergency situations.

With NP DOOR ACCESS CONTROL  you avoid holding any document or photocopy;   no paper will be used.
Visitor hands over his I.D. to security attendant who will scan it and immediately return it  to visitor
By the I.D. scanning programme acquires personal data in real-time  by registering all information in the NP DOOR ACCESS CONTROL  software .
Visitor digitally signs on the electronic tablet , gives his consent to personal data treatment and accepts internal rules and eventually digitally answers to any question submitted.
Programme automatically prints badge on a removable sticker where all information will be shown (name, surname, photo, person visited, typ of activity to be carried out and eventual indication of floor, room number)
Upon  exit, visitor will return the badge to security attendant who will provide for registration.
Visitor, obliged to show the badge, is in this way is easily  recognisable .
Company's staff can consult the archive and able to know in real-time ,who and how many visitors are currently in.
Furthermore it is possible to locate them exactly where they are and this will  help rescue teams  in case of any emergency situation